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360 is a community project led by Norwich Media who is commited to supporting disabled persons, families and those struggling with day to day life.

How we help?

Our objective, rather than just raise money for the great work these charities do is to support and provide free VR experiences throughout the UK.   By doing this we want to open up children and even adults eyes to the world!

What do we believe?

We Believe our role is to provide experiences that someone may not have the opportunity to do in the short term and showcase a world of possibilities for the future.  

We Believe its GREAT to dream and have ambitions!

We Believe technology is not just for the elite but everyone should have access to it!

We Support

If you are a technology company providing equipment in the area of VR or media please get in touch.  It would be great to work with you and you could show your brand to the local community!


Norwich Media wants to let not just a handful of viewers to see our VR content but everyone.  By using Google Cardboard we can place this experience in the hands of anyone who owns a smartphone.   To find out more get in touch.

Google Cardboard

Our technology is designed to not only be stimulating for learning needs but allows the audience to connect with others from around the world and experience a digital version building up confidence to go build on social skills!


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