Working with other leading providers we are one of only a few companies offering extensive planning and safety from end to end.

Drone Safety Planning

Intergrated Flight Planning

Our Flight Planning has never been so easy, by incorporating high resolution mapping,
collaboration tools, flight logging and industry-leading airspace and ground hazard datasets to present to your stakeholders making use of drones more productive and cost effective.

Check out our custom built drone flight planning for your aerial survey or photography session.

Extensive Flight Recording

Ensuring the highest standards and professionalism, using our automated reports and documentation tools we can share flight plans in realtime to make sure you are completely assured the safety of your team, property or equipment and third parties is at the forefront of our business.

Have CAA permissions we take flight recording very seriously.

Our extensive drone management of all flights can effectively and efficiently use our own map-based flight logging platform, then maintain a digital logs of all flights that have been flown for insurance and safety records. This enables us to participate in drone surveys, photography and filming projects being completely transparent in what we do.

Flight Management, Hardware and Safety

We are top class when it comes to drone safety and we have our very own drone flight management system.


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