Our Technology can help bring back the magic to the instore experience 

Merging the Digital with the Physical World

Based in Norwich, we can deliver NFC and Proximity Marketing thoughout Norfolk and East Anglia
Using Estmote tags we can promote your product with effective digital marketing

Using tiny, low power computers attached to walls or objects in the physical world. Using proximity technologies they detect human presence and behavior and trigger pre-programmed actions delivering contextual and personalized experiences.

Cost Effective

Deploying a network of Estimote beacons allows the famed Guggenheim Museum in New York to display contextual information about nearby paintings and sculptures, transforming the visitor experience.

Improved visitor experience in one of the world's biggest museums

Guggenheim museum

Estimote provides services for the Guggenheim in New York.  Can we provide marketing for you in Norwich?

What are the applications?

Oh...there are so many across all verticals. The best are the ones that deliver great experiences by simplifying the user interface, sending messages in the right place at the right time, or simply removing friction by triggering things automatically based on people's presence and behavior.

FC Barcelona also uses Estimote technology.  If your a Norwich business would you like to use NFC Technology.

FC Barcelona is an icon: a symbol for locals in Catalonia and the best football team in the world for millions of fans across the globe. They are using Estimote Beacons to refresh the home turf of one of world’s most beloved teams with a new digital facade.

Smart spaces in Camp Nou - legendary stadium

All these businesses make use of proximity marketing.
Qatar Airlines use Estimote also... Do you have a business that could make sure of proximity marketing.

Hamad International Airport is using beacons to enable simple and precise navigation that leads passengers to their gate and checks them in. For passengers at this modern airport, our technology is reducing the stress and hassle of travel, and making the whole airport experience smoother and easier.

Innovative navigation system at
Qatar airport

Building an OS for the Physical World

Our technology stack is making phones smarter, making locations more interactive, even giving ordinary objects a way to communicate information with smart phones or other devices. We've given smartphones extra senses to “see” more of the world around them and know more about their context, opening up an endless set of possibilities for richer, more personalized experiences.

If your Intu or any other mall we can deliver a perfect marketing solution.

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